The Modern School of Flowers is a bi-monthly series of flower workshops, each exploring a different theme and technique. 

All workshops are held on Saturday afternoons at Esters Wine Shop & Bar in Santa Monica.

Upcoming workshops:

August 25, 2018 - Desert Terrariums

October - Harvest Centerpieces

December - Winter Wreaths



The Modern School of Flowers is inspired by Constance Spry. Spry began her floral design career in 1920s London, shocking the public with loose, wild arrangements in untraditional vessels that incorporated unexpected materials such as twigs, vegetable leaves, and wild grasses that anyone could find in the woods and their gardens. She opened the Modern School of Flower Work in 1935, with the idea that flowers were a source of beauty and healing that should be available to all. “I do feel strongly,” she once wrote, “that flowers should be a means of self-expression for everyone.”