An emerging studio practice that provides design services for spaces, landscapes, and flowers. Working across these disciplines provides a means of engaging completely different scales of time, from the ephemeral bloom of a flower to the years-in-the-making of a house and the perpetual coming-into-being of a landscape. 


work between: disciplines
work at: different scales of time and place
work with: what you have
make things into: something else, otherness
leave room for: life, the unexpected
let things be: unknown, magical
aim for: beauty, utility, ease


"No report had prepared her for its peculiar glory. It was neither warrior, nor lover, nor god … It was a comrade, bending over the house, strength and adventure in its roots, but in its utmost fingers tenderness, and the girth, that a dozen men could not have spanned, became in the end evanescent, till pale bud clusters seemed to float in the air. It was a comrade. House and tree transcended any similes of sex. Margaret thought of them now, and was to think of them through many a windy night and London day, but to compare either to man, to woman, always dwarfed the vision. Yet they kept within limits of the human. Their message was not of eternity, but of hope on this side of the grave. As she stood in the one, gazing at the other, truer relationship gleamed."

E. M. Forster, Howard's End


"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."